[wikireader] sd card

Robin Humble robin.humble+om at anu.edu.au
Sun Jan 17 16:36:12 CET 2010


a non-original microSD card that I bought doesn't perform too well in
my wikireader. the non-orig card is a type '6' like the orig (I think),
and scan_sd's at 129k like the orig, but sometimes it's slow/erratic
when copying files from my laptop.
possibly the non-orig card is just crap...

there are really big (1 to 3 second) delays in search typing and
history and when clicking on links. the backspace key often deletes 2
to 4 characters on one press. scrolling works fine at normal speed.

anyway, I thought I'd ask if there are perhaps variables/timeouts in
the wikireader's SD i/o (SPI?) code that I could tweak to try to get
it to react better. I'm hoping the non-orig card might be ok, just that
sometimes it's taking a bit longer to react than expected and crossing
some timeout threshold in the code? dunno.


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