[wikireader] wikiquotes

Robin Humble robin.humble+om at anu.edu.au
Sun Jan 17 16:51:33 CET 2010

if anyone is keen to get wikiquotes on their wikireader then this
one-liner sed script will reformat enwikiquote-*-pages-articles.xml
so that its articles and references come up as "title (wikiquote)".

  sed 's+</title>+ (wikiquote)</title>+;s+<text .*#redirect.*\[\[.*\]\]+&__MAGIC__+;s+<text .*#REDIRECT.*\[\[.*\]\]+&__MAGIC__+' | sed 's+\]\]__MAGIC__+ (wikiquote)]]+'

it can be then be parsed and rendered alongside enwiki and the articles
don't conflict, and when searching it's clear which articles you're
getting. seems to work ok.

I tried the same trick with enwiktionary (plus fixing internal links to
point to wiktionary) a few weeks ago, but without much success -
wiktionary had too much complex formatting in the pages to be useful.
maybe now that templates are in wikireader code it might be better.


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