[QtMoko] QtMoko v16B, few questions and issues

Margo keegiveel at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 17:20:20 CET 2010

2010/1/17 Joif <fdvjoif at vodafone.it>:
> 7) issues with v16b: after a suspend the "devtools" do not work properly,
> it's impossible to turn on GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and also the bar at the
> bottom of the screen (with the menu and green arrow) doesn't work properly
> (clicking the green arrow open or close the menu instead of turning back, I
> have to click more time to turn back). the devtools and bar seem to work
> again after some attempts.
> thank you!

I also have some problems with v16b version of qtmoko.
1) can't connect to wifi using the internet settings menu. First it
said "Wireless LAN unavailable" and there was no "WLAN detection"
option in the menu. After many reboots it said "Wireless LAN offline"
(as it should) and it found my network but didn't connect (just said
"connecting" for a while and then said "not connected"). It did work
in some of the earlier versions of qtmoko. But I can connect to wifi
from command line with "ifconfig usb0 down ; iwconfig eth0 essid
my_essid ; udhcpc eth0" (although the udhcpc command takes very long
time to get the IP).
2) when trying to delete a configured connection from the internet
settings menu, the phone hangs and I have to pull out the battery.
3) the battery level indicator acts weird. Sometimes it shows as it is
charging even if the battery is full. Sometimes after restart it shows
as the battery is full even if it is maybe only 10%. Sometimes when
charging, it doesn't show that it is charging and "cat
/sys/class/power_supply/battery/status" says "not charging" but
actually it does charge because after some time the battery is full.
4) bluetooth doesn't work after suspend-resume. But I think the same
issue was in all of the earlier versions too and it is an old and
known bug.
5) on incoming call the phone only rings a few times and then just vibrates.

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