[QtMoko] QtMoko v16B, few questions and issues

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Jan 17 23:17:03 CET 2010

Margo wrote:

> I also have some problems with v16b version of qtmoko.
> 1) can't connect to wifi using the internet settings menu. First it
> said "Wireless LAN unavailable" and there was no "WLAN detection"
> option in the menu. After many reboots it said "Wireless LAN offline"
> (as it should) and it found my network but didn't connect (just said
> "connecting" for a while and then said "not connected"). It did work
> in some of the earlier versions of qtmoko. But I can connect to wifi
> from command line with "ifconfig usb0 down ; iwconfig eth0 essid
> my_essid ; udhcpc eth0" (although the udhcpc command takes very long
> time to get the IP).

It's probably kernel related to disabled preempt. The patch already exits. You 
can either use older kernel or wait for me to make new one :)

> 2) when trying to delete a configured connection from the internet
> settings menu, the phone hangs and I have to pull out the battery.

Fixed in git and will be in next release.

> 3) the battery level indicator acts weird. Sometimes it shows as it is
> charging even if the battery is full. Sometimes after restart it shows
> as the battery is full even if it is maybe only 10%. Sometimes when
> charging, it doesn't show that it is charging and "cat
> /sys/class/power_supply/battery/status" says "not charging" but
> actually it does charge because after some time the battery is full.

Can be also related to kernel config.

> 4) bluetooth doesn't work after suspend-resume. But I think the same
> issue was in all of the earlier versions too and it is an old and
> known bug.


> 5) on incoming call the phone only rings a few times and then just
>  vibrates.

If it wasnt in previous version, then it's again kernel config related.

Thanks for reports


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