using FSO to controll secondary phone?

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Sun Jan 17 23:23:57 CET 2010

Frederik Sdun <frederik.sdun at> writes:
> * joakim at <joakim at> [17.01.2010 07:45]:
>> Would it be possible to attach a secondary phone over BT to the
>> Freerunner and controll it with FSO, the same way as the inbuilt phone
>> device?
> I think over bluetooth is not possible. But if you can establish a
> network connection you can use gabriel[1[, which should be in the SHR repo
> since yesterday.

Why not bluetooth? Many cellphones expose AT interface over bluetooth,
with rfcomm channel created one can start another instance of ogsmd to
treat it like a single-line modem.

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