[QtMoko] Call volumes

Brolin Empey brolin at brolin.be
Mon Jan 18 08:40:53 CET 2010

Denis Johnson wrote:
> I have switched to using QTMoko, currently running V16b and I cannot
> seem to get the call volumes right. Caller is not loud enough and
> caller struggles to hear me. do I need to fiddle with teh
> gsmhandset.state file manually or is there a better way ? I have a
> GTA02 A05 with buzzfix. Anyone have a same setup and would care to
> share their state file(s)

I use QtMoko v14 on a buzz-fixed US GTA02 rev A6.  I needed to increase 
the mic gain in gsmhandset.state and learn to hold my FreeRunner so the 
mouthpiece is close enough to my mouth for people to be able to hear me 
well and the earpiece is close enough to my ear for me to be able to 
hear them well.  It took months of frustration of me not being able to 
hear people and/or them not being able to hear me, but I seem to finally 
be used to holding my FreeRunner in the ideal position.  Troubleshooting 
call volumes seems to be very difficult because there are so many 
variables:  volume settings on phones, the way people hold their phones, 
different form factors of phones (I did not have these problems with my 
Nokia 6103b, which is a clamshell phone, but the FreeRunner is a bar 
phone, so call volumes are more sensitive to the phone position), 
handset versus speakerphone versus headset, etc.  For example, when I 
call some call centres, such as Volkswagen Canada, both parties sound 
quiet to the other, but when I access my Fido voice mail, the voice 
menus are so loud they sound like I am using speakerphone when I am only 
using the handset.

To conclude, I suggest increasing the mic gain (I can find the details 
if you need them.), then calling someone and asking them how well they 
can hear you when you hold your FreeRunner differently until you find 
the ideal position, then try to always hold it that way.

Of course, if there is a better way to get satisfactory and consistent 
call volumes on QtMoko, please tell me! :)

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