[SHR-t] Some tips needed

Xavier Cremaschi omega.xavier at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 09:13:28 CET 2010

Hi folks,

I am back on SHR since yesterday, and I need some tips to tweak it a bit.

But firstly, kudos to SHR team for their work. I used SHR until 
September 2009, then QtMoko until December, then Android until 
yesterday. SHR was quite slow and needed some tweaking, but now -- 
testing branch 14 january 2010 -- everything works out of the box (GPS, 
wifi, phone, songs) and it's faster (even more if you put the new kernel 
without debug/preempt) and with nice volume controls while calling !

My questions (from most important to less one):
- phone goes to sleep mode when tangogps is up and running. How could I 
prevent that ? IIRC, there was a way to lock a hardware resource isn't it ?
- during a test call, my voice was a bit too loud. So I lowered the mic 
volume while calling and it was better, but I think this setting has not 
been saved. Is it normal ?
- desktop scrolling is still slow (alas), what were the effects to 
disable or the theme to use to make it a bit faster ?
- midori has huge scroll bars (why a horizontal one ?), is there a way 
to optimize the useful viewable area ? Or can you recommend any other 
browser maybe ?

Thanks in advance,

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