[QtMoko] Call volumes

Brolin Empey brolin at brolin.be
Tue Jan 19 00:23:58 CET 2010

Denis Johnson wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 12:43 AM, Radek Polak<psonek2 at seznam.cz>  wrote:
>> You can install qalsamixer under settings->software packages if it helps. I
>> dont have buzzfix so cant help more.
> Thanks, I installed that however it is difficult to tie together all
> those sliders to the various control numbers in the state file. I
> vaguely remember a thread here some time back discussing those
> controls and values and that the wiki instructions were not correct. I
> might try and search teh archive and make some sense of it

I think you mean this post:


Please see my reply to Vinzenz Hersche’s post in this thread.

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