[QtMoko] Call volumes

Denis Johnson denis.johnson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 02:16:57 CET 2010

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 9:23 AM, Brolin Empey <brolin at brolin.be> wrote:
> I think you mean this post:>
> <http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/community/2009-October/057319.html>

Indeed that is the one I was referring to, thanks. I also found this one

> Please see my reply to Vinzenz Hersche’s post in this thread.

Yes thanks, although your suggestion of putting control 48 to max of 3
seems to contradict
   "48. The advice on the wiki is bad, and likely to lead to
distortion. Keep 48
   low unless you have 12 and 5 near maximum."

do you happen to know if we need to restart QTExtended or will changes
to the state file take immediate effect.

I also wonder how the QTMoko settings, call options, call volume
interacts with these state files as it does not modify them if you
change one or both sliders.

cheers Denis

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