debian/fso on freerunner

arne anka openmoko at
Wed Jan 20 11:57:34 CET 2010

> Tell me please, I understand that debian lags behind the progress? Old
> frameworkd etc

well, yes. the fso stack lags somewhat behind in at least some of its  
parts, but work is still going on.

> the old kernel without the new drivers for glamo,

the kernel should be interchangeable between different distributions (shr,  
debian, qtmoko). thus, once a new kernel is available, you can use it.

> just zhone updated

not exactly. zhone as such has been updated only to ensure compatibility  
with current e, but someone (neil? timo?) offered to take care of patching  
zhone to enhance functionality.
and all the other stuff, kernel und fso, is updated as well, but slowly  
due to lacking manpower.

> Even I look at leading figures debian pass programs shr)))

depends on your definition of "leading figures" :-)

but, what exactly is the problem? do you want to use debian? just go ahaed  

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