debian/fso on freerunner

Neil Jerram neiljerram at
Wed Jan 20 22:45:45 CET 2010

2010/1/20 Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey at>:
> Am Mittwoch, den 20.01.2010, 11:45 +0000 schrieb Neil Jerram:
>> IMO Debian will eventually assimilate everything, including SHR.
>> (Unless there is some major advantage of the OE build and packaging
>> system that I haven't understood yet...)  It's the best combination of
>> free software focussed build, tracking and package management that
>> there is, and I really don't understand why anyone persists with other
>> systems...
> Well, I've been hearing that for almost a decade now, but still systems
> like buildroot, OpenEmbedded, OpenWRT, t2-project, etc. are being
> preferred on lots of embedded systems. Why do you think is that?

Well, as I said, I don't know.  What are the advantages of those
systems?  Also note that of the 4 FR distributions that are still
actively developed, 3 of them are Debian-based - doesn't that cast
doubt on those other systems "being preferred on lots of embedded

However, in general terms I realize that my remark was probably too
hasty.  For example, it seems likely that when a new project is
developing rapidly, they want more control over what is changing in
the system overall.  Plus Debian could be simultaneously too ponderous
(stable) and too unreliable (unstable) for them.

I also have to admit that even for the Freerunner Debian is not ideal;
several people recently have been trying it out and suffering from the
consequences of unstable being a rapidly moving target.

Nevertheless, in the long term I expect (and hope) that all the
interesting software for the Freerunner will be choices within Debian.


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