debian/fso on freerunner

Neil Jerram neiljerram at
Wed Jan 20 22:56:40 CET 2010

2010/1/20 Yoric Kotchukov <yoric-k at>:
> For me, zhone absolutely not working.

Since a few people seem to have had trouble getting Debian going
recently, and also because I'd like to have a backup for myself, I'm
wondering if it would be useful to make a .tar.gz of my rootfs, and
make that available somewhere.

df tells me I'm using about 1 gig of disk space, so that's the order
of how big the .tar.gz would be.

Would that be of interest? If so, I'd also appreciate any advice on
the details of how to do it, especially
 - if there's a way of reviewing that I'm not giving away any personal
data that I shouldn't
 - whether and how I should exclude directories like /dev, /proc, /sys and /tmp
 - what is a good way of making such a large file available?


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