debian/fso on freerunner

Yoric Kotchukov yoric-k at
Thu Jan 21 08:06:32 CET 2010

Thanks for the offer, but I personally do not see the point, then it will not
be anything different from qtmoko / hackable etc))) Change me, for example,
WM with on your own, timeouts changed - zhone not work again)))

> - if there's a way of reviewing that I'm not giving away any personal data
> that I shouldn't

Temporarily change the password root, to remove a normal user (/home* will),
or create a blank user (if necessary). PIN in the text zhone no interest)))
Maybe something else.

> - whether and how I should exclude directories like /dev, /proc, /sys and
> /tmp 

Depending on the options for the mount, cp -arx, manually delete something.

Thank you for your attention.
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