[Community Updates] 2010-01-14 released

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at 1407.org
Fri Jan 22 09:57:15 CET 2010

Em 20-01-2010 10:42, Patryk Benderz escreveu:
> [cut]
>> I know, I didn't have time to update the CU, but elmdentica's latest
>> release didn't show up :)
> Hi Rui,
> sorry we missed elmdentica this time, but it sometimes just happens. Can
> you point me to your post on ML, where you gave info about new release?
> Latest i could find in my mailbox is: "ElmDentica 0.7.0 is out!" dated
> on 2009-10-12 which is rather old. Could it be, we missed it also on
> previous CUs ??? If so, than I am terribly sorry, but believe me,
> getting all this information from many sources and combining them
> together sometimes is an uneasy task. Sometimes something gets lost in
> this process.

Don't be sorry, it's also partly my fault, it seems that I forgot to 
forward a mail to the mailing list and add it to the current talk page 
of the community news :)

It went into the planet, unless something wrong happened.

Anyway, it is the latest article in http://blog.1407.org/tag/openmoko


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