posting to a blog vs. this list (was: Re: OT: Where can I meet a female companion with similar interests and personality /in person/?)

Sam Kuper sam.kuper at
Sun Jan 24 17:00:22 CET 2010


You're clearly well-meaning, but ...

2010/1/24 Brolin Empey <brolin at>:
> Fabian Schölzel wrote:
>> On Sunday 24. January 2010 13:38:27, Stefano Cavallari Cavallari wrote:
> Why does your reply template include the quoted author’s last name twice
> instead of only once?  Also, you should include the time zone/UTC offset
> because the quoted time of day is still in the future in the Pacific
> time zone (-08:00). :)

... comments like these are OT in a thread that's already OT. Going
that far OT is likely to annoy people on the list who are, for the
most part, subscribers because they are far more interested in open
source mobile technology than they are in the minutiae of your
opinions about other people's email formatting. (Besides which, the
full timestamp of any post to the list can be discovered via the list
archive, if anyone is really fussed; so there's no need to police the

>>> What about opening a free blog and write your thoughts/happenings there?
>> I think that's a good idea!
> I actually already have both a Facebook [1] and LiveJournal [2] account.
>  I stopped posting to LiveJournal because I received almost no feedback
> except when I sent the URL of my posts to people via e-mail, IM, or IRC.
>  I thought I could get more feedback by posting notes (not status
> updates because the length limit of those is too small) on Facebook, but
> I receive no feedback at all except when I send the URL of my posts to
> people.

Lots of people seeking good sources of advice and support run into
problems. Blogging's a reasonable start, but bloggers - both
commercial and non-commercial bloggers - face the problem of fostering
an active community of interest. OK, so you're one of those bloggers,
like the rest of us. Big woo. Now get creative. Not by telling the
OpenMoko mailing list how far you live from your parents' house, but
by seeking more appropriate avenues.

You want to get advice by asking people questions? Use an online
answers service like Yahoo Answers or WikiAnswers, or use a more
traditional offline alternative like a counsellor, a friend, or a

You want to make your blog more popular, so that you'll have a larger
and more active audience?

Good luck, and please, please consider the relevance of your topic to
the mailing list before you post.


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