[SHR-t] navit crashes with Reiseplanner maps while searching for a town

Xavier Cremaschi omega.xavier at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 17:18:17 CET 2010

Hi folks,
everything is in the title.

distrib : shr testing

locale : LC=fr_FR.UTF-8

navit version : 1:0.1.0+svnr2846-r4.0.4

mapset : Reiseplanner
<mapset enabled="yes">
   <map type="mg" enabled="yes" data="/home/root/Maps/DEM.map"/>
   <map type="mg" enabled="no"  data="/home/root/Maps/DEM.map/smp1.smp"/>
   <map type="mg" enabled="yes" data="/home/root/Maps/DEM.map/smp2.smp"/>
   <map type="mg" enabled="no"  data="/home/root/Maps/DEM.map/smp3.smp"/>
   <map type="mg" enabled="no"  data="/home/root/Maps/DEM.map/smp4.smp"/>
   <map type="mg" enabled="no"  data="/home/root/Maps/DEM.map/smp5.smp"/>

root at om-gta02 ~ $ navit
vehicle_gpsd:vehicle_gpsd_try_open:Trying to connect to localhost:default
vehicle_gpsd:vehicle_gpsd_try_open:Connected to gpsd fd=4 evwatch=0xb2360
navit:main_real:Using '/usr/share/navit/navit.xml'

...then I try to search for a town...
gui_internal:gui_internal_search_list_set_default_country:country France
gui_internal:gui_internal_search_changed:Town now 'A'
map_mg:town_attr_get:town.c:108 assertion failed:1==0

It does not crash with openstreetmap bin file btw.
Any idea ?

Xavier Cremaschi.

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