[Debian on uSD] where is mmcblk0?

Joif fdvjoif at vodafone.it
Sun Jan 24 18:25:33 CET 2010

I installed Debian on uSD in mmcblk0p2 and I want to use the other partitions
of the uSD but under /dev there is no mmcblk0 or mmcblk0pX, so I can't mount
them. Where are mmcblk0?

this is my /dev under Debian:
# ls /dev
MAKEDEV alarm apm_bios ashmem binder bus char console core cpu_dma_latency
fd full i2c-0 initctl input kmsg log_events log_main log_radio loop0 mem
mtd0 mtd0ro
mtd1 mtd1ro mtd2 mtd2ro mtd3 mtd3ro mtd4 mtd4ro mtd5 mtd5ro mtd6 mtd6ro net
network_latency network_throughput null ppp ptmx pts random rtc0 shm snd
stderr stdin stdout tty tty0 tty1 tty2 tty3 tty4 tty5 tty6 ttySAC0 ttySAC1
ttySAC2 urandom
usbdev1.1 usbdev1.1_ep00 usbdev1.1_ep81 usbmon0 usbmon1 vcs vcs1 vcs4 vcsa
vcsa4 zero

and fstab:
rootfs  /               auto    defaults,errors=remount-ro,noatime      0 1
/dev/mmcblk0p1  /boot   auto    defaults,noatime                        0 2
/dev/mtdblock6  /mnt/flash      jffs2   defaults,noatime,noauto         0 2
proc    /proc           proc    defaults                                0 0
tmpfs   /tmp            tmpfs   defaults,noatime                        0 0
tmpfs   /var/lock       tmpfs   defaults,noatime                        0 0
tmpfs   /var/run        tmpfs   defaults,noatime                        0 0

during the boot there is a message about the non existence of mmcblk0p1, and
also note that in /dev there is no mtdblock6 as reported by fstab.


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