thanks to authors of Podboy, NIDE, and openmokontrol

Josh Thompson om-comm at
Mon Jan 25 02:24:29 CET 2010

I just wanted to say thanks to the authors of 3 different applications I have 
started using recently.

Podboy is fitting my need extremely well for listening to podcasts.  I can't 
say how great this app is! :)

NIDE is working really well to control MythTV.  I had been thinking of writing 
something to control it via MythTV's remote control interface.  This works 
just as well and works for other apps too.

I just tried openmokontrol for playing Tux Racer.  That was really cool!

Now, I just need to set things up to start Tux Racer with NIDE and then run 
openmokontrol to control it.

Thanks a bunch!


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