H:1, qtmoko or . . . .

Gay, John (GE Infra, Energy, Non-GE) John.Gay at ge.com
Mon Jan 25 20:08:50 CET 2010

ATM, I'm running H:1 rev5 and am really happy with it, since H:1 was the
first to work with my BT keyboard for me.

Now I've got a BT headset as well, but I can't get it to connect to H:1?

Before switching to H:1, I was using qtextended quite happily, though I
never got BT working with it. Now I'm checking the reviews of qtmoko,
and it's looking quite good, but I can't find any definitive answers RE:
BT headset and keyboard.

Has anyone any experience setting up and using BT headset on the FR with
any distro, but especially either H:1 or qtmoko?


	John Gay

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