QGPSLog to be released

Christian Rüb christian.rueb at gmx.net
Tue Jan 26 21:19:52 CET 2010


I wrote a GPS logging GUI that uses FSO for GPS and power control. It's simple and never supposed to get a map.
My main target was to do  track logging (start,stop,split) and be avoid supsend when logging. You can specify a minimum battery capacity needed to log (otherwise it will stop logging).

You can find an ipk here [1], source here [2] and screenshot here [3]. There is also a wiki page [4].

Please report bugs - otherwise this version will become 0.2 (0.1 was only used by me ;-)).


[1] http://openmoko.senfdax.de/shr-new-unstable/qgpslog_0.1.99-r0.4_armv4t.ipk
[2] http://git.senfdax.de/?p=qgpslog;a=summary
[3] http://openmoko.senfdax.de/screenshots/QGPSLog.png
[4] http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/QGPSLog

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