Now someone REALLY has to help me!!

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at
Wed Jan 27 14:36:27 CET 2010

Märta schrieb:
> 1) For being able to install SHR on a Neo with Android you need:
> Hardware; phone, usb-cable, a computer with Ubuntu
Lets say a computer with linux. It must not be especially Ubuntu.

> Software; Dfu-util, NEO-tools, U-boot (installed on my Neo atm.), a
> kernel-module and SHR-root filesystem
Neo-Tools is not only a textfile instead it is a shell-script for linux
which should make the flash process more easily. But you won't need it
if you do it by hand.
U-boot is ok but you could also flash QI instead. But lets say you stay
with u-boot.

> The software can be found at the following places:
> DFU-util : Wtf is
> intrepid, jaunty karmic, lucid? Am I supposed to understand that? I thought
> it was a program.
These are just names for the different versions of ubuntu. When you do
"apt-get install dfu-util" you have the right version.

> U-boot : I already have it installed on my
> neo, so I dont need it again?
Good question. Newer versions have some bugfixes and so on but first try
i with your preinstalled version.

> SHR-root filesystem : Im taking the files from the "Testing line" instead of
> "Unstable", it's ok, right?
Sure it is ok but beware that shr is constantly updated so even testing
could sometimes be a bit unstable. But it is a better starting point
than the unstable version.

> Kernel module : Only one file?
If you want to install shr-testing in NAND flash you need the kernel to
be flashed into the kernel partition. The corresponding modules are
already in the root filesystem which should be flashed to the rootfs

> AND, you need to Flash the Neo before anything can be done.
> This is done by first installing the DFU-utility software on a Linux
> computer, connect the Neo and doing the AUX-startup and also typing in the
> NEO-tools text  somewhere? 
The commands for flashing the kernel and the rootfs can be found here:

> Ok I think I'll stop here. I really want to succeed with this, because I
> love the Openmoko, but if I cant get a simple installation right I'll throw
> this phone into the garbage. In other words, I appreciate all help.
You love your openmoko but you will throw it into garbage only because
you doesn't know how to use it?
These statements seems to contradict each other if you ask me. ;)


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