Now someone REALLY has to help me!!

arne anka openmoko at
Wed Jan 27 14:37:17 CET 2010

before everything else, it would be really helpful, if you could let us  
know which
operating system
you are using.

dfu-util is a tool. to flash certain devices, besides others the  
almost every linux distribution should include a package of the program.

> DFU-util : Wtf is
> intrepid, jaunty karmic, lucid? Am I supposed to understand that? I  
> thought
> it was a program.

intrepid, jaunty karmic, lucid are the names of the latest releases of  
ubuntu linux, if you don't know, what they are i suspect, the rest of the  
tutorial will not be of much help to you either.

> NeoTool : Also not a program,  
> just.....
> text?

basically any program is just text -- althgough it might not always be  
legible ;-)
i strongly suspect now, that you are not using linux at all.

> U-boot : I already have it installed on my
> neo, so I dont need it again?

not sure. iirc, the android freerunner used to have a modified u-boot.

> SHR-root filesystem : Im taking the files from the "Testing line"  
> instead of "Unstable", it's ok, right?

not necessarily. for a while, "unstable" used to be more stable than  

> Kernel module : Only one file?

that's the _kernel_, and yes, it is only one file.

where does the quote below come from?

> This is done by first installing the DFU-utility software on a Linux
> computer, connect the Neo and doing the AUX-startup and also typing in  
> the
> NEO-tools text  somewhere?
> %-|

i can't make much from the last three lines.

neotool is basically a nice frontend to dfu-util, i have no idea inhowfar  
it still works, since it dates from 2008 according to the code at the link  
it should be impossible to trash your fr simply by flashing -- the  
freerunner has a read only boot environment (fallback) which can be  
altered only with a so called debug board.

what you, in fact, are supposed to flash, is the r/w boot environment (so  
you can use newer, improved or different boot software) and the area where  
the operating system lives.

so, repeating myself, let us know what os you are using before we can  

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