Now someone REALLY has to help me!!

Davide Scaini dscaini at
Wed Jan 27 14:44:09 CET 2010

To make it easy ina straight forward:
I suggest to you to install SHR on sd card.
To do this you need:
- a microSD card
- at least one partition on that card (ext2 ext3). If you buy a musd card
just for shr it would be easier just to not messup your current musd that
has some android files on (for sure).
- download the tar.gz version of testing of shr (if you prefere that one...)
- mount on your pc the musd is easier thatn everything and extract on the
musd the tar.gz
- put the musd in your fr, then press aux button plus power button to enter
uboot menu, there with aux button you can select "start from micro sd card"
and press power to boot...
that's probably all you need (afair)

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 2:10 PM, Märta <hagwall_jr at> wrote:

> Ok, I got a NeoFreerunner this christmas, and I got it delivered with
> Android
> pre-installed, and ever since I got it I've been struggling to install SHR
> as OS onto the internal memory, WITHOUT SUCCESS. I have very little
> knowledge of programming. I just want to use the OpenMoko as my daily phone
> because I think it looks good and is a funny concept, and I hope to learn
> more about it with time.
> The installation guides I've been following seems to be made for people
> with
> more knowledge than me, and there are dozens of terms in the
> guides  and manuals  that I
> don't understand. So I thought I should take it from the beginning so you
> can correct me where I'm doing wrong.
> 1) For being able to install SHR on a Neo with Android you need:
> Hardware; phone, usb-cable, a computer with Ubuntu
> Software; Dfu-util, NEO-tools, U-boot (installed on my Neo atm.), a
> kernel-module and SHR-root filesystem
> The software can be found at the following places:
> DFU-util : Wtf is
> intrepid, jaunty karmic, lucid? Am I supposed to understand that? I thought
> it was a program.
> NeoTool : Also not a program,
> just.....
> text?
> U-boot : I already have it installed on my
> neo, so I dont need it again?
> SHR-root filesystem : Im taking the files from the "Testing line" instead
> of
> "Unstable", it's ok, right?
> Kernel module : Only one file?
> AND, you need to Flash the Neo before anything can be done.
> This is done by first installing the DFU-utility software on a Linux
> computer, connect the Neo and doing the AUX-startup and also typing in the
> NEO-tools text  somewhere?
> %-|
> Ok I think I'll stop here. I really want to succeed with this, because I
> love the Openmoko, but if I cant get a simple installation right I'll throw
> this phone into the garbage. In other words, I appreciate all help.
> Thanks!
> Martin
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