Latest SHR-?

neo at neo at
Fri Jan 29 09:15:07 CET 2010

> I'm not using shr-t or any .29-rc3 kernel, so I cannot comment. But on
> shr ML and trac there was few reports about not getting GPS lock or GSM
> channel (even with debug kernel) and at least 3 people said that they
> are having this problem more often with nodebug kernel.

I am one of those people ;-) the problem with registering GSM is not caused by the 'fast' kernel. However it occurs more often using the 'fast' kernel. Obviously there is something going wrong in FSO if the system responds much quicker than before with the debug kernel. I discussed that with Mickey last week during our regular munich openmoko meeting nd he is currently working on a solution for that problem, time permitting.
> So I asked spaetz (maintainer of shr-t) and he said that we should
> rather revert back to debug (as it's slower but as some say more
> stable). If we want to test nodebug kernel, we should do it rather in
> shr-u and *after* testing use it in shr-t too.

With the new kernel I was able to register GSM only when I gave the system something to do (start navit for example). Then the modem registered correctly and the PIN dialogue popped up. Sounds strange, but it's just like that (a tribute to the mouse ;-) ). At the moment the debug kernel is better suited for every day use, but on the other hand the system speed the freerunner is capable of is amazing.

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