elm_browser NEW release 15 Jan

Petr Vanek vanous at penguin.cz
Sun Jan 31 17:51:26 CET 2010

>  Here's the new version. Changes :-
> * Rotation issue still exists - but behaves better 
> * Start Page works
> * Command line url is accepted (needs full http://yourpage.com)


some feedback here:

to access page reload i guess there is some issue with the menu so one
has to do the following taps:


other then then (in the scope of fixability, i.e. combo lists are not
working, but this is probably *libwebkit issue) it's working great.

finger scrolling is good, except one issue - if there is an image in the
way, it gets selected which slow the browser down a great deal. not sure
what to do about that...


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