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Hi Risto,

Thank you for your interest in exeda.
At this stage we are targeting exeda only at commercial projects.

Best regards,
Irad Stavi
fit-PC Support Engineer

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I'm very glad to see Exeda, a embedded 3G-capable phone confirmed to
run Linux. I am a member of the Openmoko user community and would like
to know your position on individual users and community. A quick look
at Exeda tells me it's very interesting for Linux users, but if it's
only available in 1000 piece batches, it'll not be likely to be
available for individual users. Are there any changes you would be
able to start selling Exedas for end users, this way also making it
possible to form an user community that'd be then also maybe able to
work on the Linux software (maybe make SHR distribution run on it

Thank you for your answers. I will pass your answer to the Openmoko
user & developer community, that's very interested in new phones being
able to run Linux.


| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi

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