cpu reclocking to 500Mhz, overclocking to 533Mhz, performance tests and bootloader images

Gennady Kupava gb at bsdmn.com
Sun Jul 4 16:18:33 CEST 2010


>I couldn't resist to do some more testing,

Thanks for testing :) 

> u-boot.udfu_450_112_1.65_1.9: won't boot (hangs on 'Starting
> u-boot.udfu_450_112_1.7_1.9_sdmax: won't boot (hangs on 'Starting

As i already told to use 450 or 465 you need kernel patch, and hang in
'Statring kernel ...' means exactly that you need kernel patch to test
this kernels. so, to test it you need to get andy-tracking kernel from
git and apply some similar patch on it (my patch is against .34).

>but my phone doesn't wake up after suspend with any of the
overclocked images;

currently i am trying completely other optimization idea. then i'll finish with 
it I return to overclocking and try to fix resume or other bugs, also push all this to wiki.

PS. Hm seem i were not right, as i didn't applied patchs to qtmoko
kernel- so seem I tested 500mhz (not 450) with qtmoko, but i tried so
many configs, that i can't recall which one exactly i tested with it.


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