[QtMoko] Debian version

Michele Brocco ssj2micvm at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 19:22:02 CEST 2010

On 7/4/10, Radek Polak <psonek2 at seznam.cz> wrote:
> MicVM wrote:
>> I was trying to port an application developed with the SHR-toolcahin to
>> qtmoko (debian) and ran into a lot of methods etc. that are not available
>> in debian lenny yet. Is the reasoning behind the choice of debian lenny
>> that it is more stable and hence one less source of possible problems
>> while tuning qtmoko or is there another reason behind it? Are there any
>> known problems with sid?
> Hi, there is problem with bluetooth. QtMoko uses still bluez3 api while in
> debian testing/unstable is already bluez4. I have tested upgrading to debian
> sqeeze with apt-get and except bluetooth it was ok.
> Regards
> Radek
Alright, thanks for the information.

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