[QTMoko] Voicemail alerts coming in as text messages from "129"?

swoody swoody at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 15 20:16:01 CEST 2010

I have been using QTMoko and the FreeRunner for some time now, and one
little glitch is getting the best of me. Whenever someone leaves me a
voicemail or I listen to, delete, or save voicemails I receive a blank
text message from "129". I'm assuming there is some kind of message that's
being sent to the phone to let it know if there are any available
messages, but it mistakenly shows up as a text. I would *really* like to
get this taken care of as having to go through and delete 10 blank
messages at a time is getting really irritating. Then I have to delete
another after I listen to my messages.

I already checked to make sure my voicemail is NOT setup to deliver text
alerts, and indeed that setting is turned off, so that is not the case
here. Any and all ideas are GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks everybody :)

  ,-o   |  Steve Woodruff
 o   )  |  swoody at ubuntu.com
  `-o   |  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/swoody

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