Glamo bus speed, testing of GLAMO_REG_LCD_A_BASE2 FIFO settings.

Gennady Kupava gb at
Sun Jul 18 18:52:39 CEST 2010

Hi list.

I decided to do and share some additional tests related to glamo bus

This tests related to change found by Thomas White early this year to
GLAMO_REG_LCD_A_BASE2 which change some kind of fifo.

Goal of this test is to find out how this change influence glamo speed
and how different different fifo settings.

So, i did 20 frames of memsets to 480x640 framebuffer, here is test

First i did tests with different FIFO settings and 2-4-2 timings, and go
absolutely same results in each tests. So here is only test results for
FIFO = 0 or FIFO = 1 (0x4000):

FIFO   0	 1
2-4-2, 10Mb/s    17.5Mb/s
4-4-4, 8.1Mb/s   12.2Mb/s

Also, please notice that with current settings, we still have huge diff
between theoretical and real thoughtput:
23.8Mb/s vs 17.5Mb/s. May be it's possible to avoid that somehow.


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