Flashing qi broke my freerunner - SOLVED

neo at el-hennig.de neo at el-hennig.de
Wed Jul 21 10:25:02 CEST 2010

> Solution for recurring WSOD:

That was no *OD, as the freerunner boots normally, except for not showing a display. So halting the system vie USB/ssh still works....
> The solution is to boot into NOR flash, and then select "Poweroff" from 
> the menu. After that, I get a normal reboot without the WSOD. Graphics 
> indeed seems a bit faster with this qi. :-)

I don't see a performance gain on my freerunner (latest SHR-U, How do you all test this? I mean not becnhmark-wise but with a real-usage-example....

neo at el-hennig.de

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