Some questions to new SHR images (ubifs, gps)

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Fri Jul 23 20:27:25 CEST 2010


maybe I've missed something in the past - I have freshly installed Qi and 
the lastest SHR kernel and rootfs as ubi filesystem.

- It seems that the ubifs is read-only. How do I install applications
- If that's not possible (and I really would like a writeable fs), can I
   still use jffs? I suspect that either the kernel or the bootloader
   requires a ubi fs.
- Sine half a year now I don't get gps running any more. when I go back to
   a january image, gps works, tough. So it isn't a hw problem.
   I've asked this questions already several times without respond.

I have a GAT-02.

Any pointer to a Wiki page would already help me.



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