Some questions to new SHR images (ubifs, gps)

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Fri Jul 23 22:09:35 CEST 2010

On Fri, 23 Jul 2010, David Garabana wrote:

> O Venres, 23 de Xullo de 2010 21:25:50 Sylvain Paré escribiu:
>> I take this thread about GPS to give my feed back too.
>>> From my personal feedback I will not speak about half a year but since
>>> March
>> or so
>> And I do make it works but it takes more time the first time after a fresh
>> flashed image PLUS
>> the gps is less sensitive like the signal was weak ( It fixes less
>> satellites)
> Also, with latest images, I cannot get a fix after a suspend.
> I have to restart to get a fix again.
> I cannot even see "time" on "shr-settings-position"
> It's so sad, because gps was the only rock solid funtionality on my Neo since
> OM2008 series.
> I have used it a lot to map Openstreetmap, but since 2.6.32 kernel update,
> it's useless as a gps (unless you doesn't suspend it, but that way battery
> doesn't last so much)

The GPS of the FreeRunner was/(is) so cool, that it even beats modern 
Garmins. I got fixes within closed rooms where the Garmins didn't.
Now I don't get a fix at all, even outdoor.

At least I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with this issue. But I 
don't think it's a tangoGPS thing, because gpspipe also reports nothing 
(see previous mail), so my feeling is that it is a kernel related 
I'm just wondering that everybody is happy with a broken GPS since March?


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