Rolling dices on OpenMoko

Xavier Cremaschi omega.xavier at
Sun Jul 25 19:11:22 CEST 2010

Hi folks,
a new application will be soon available for SHR (as soon as I 
understood how to build a package) : alea

alea is a dice rolling application that you could use for role playing game.

It's a very simple application which uses python-elementary -- no 3D at 
all, I would have love it but not enough time nor motivation --, here 
are some screenshots :

Main page : you click on dices and score is automatically updated. If 
you need more dices, click on "Add". There are 2 complete dice sets, but 
no more so buttons are big enough.
This should limits the number of action to do in order to roll few dices.

Second page (advanced) : a pad to enter a formula, like "5d6+5"
Used formula are accessible through history, if you need to roll them 
several times during your game (but it's not saved on disk, you have to 
keep it running).
This should be useful for big roll.

Bug known : as formula becomes big, "Roll" button shrinks. I still don't 
understand totally elementary :/

Todo list :
* allow to click on score to see details for each dice (some games 
requires to keep only certain dices)
* add a '-' button hidden behind the '+' one (barely useful)
* maybe a roll sound and a persistent history

I will try to add it to SHR repository, but I don't understand what I 
need to do to achieve this.

I hope you will like it,
Xavier Cremaschi.

PS : many thanks to podboy project, which is useful to discover how 
python-elementary and elementary work :)

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