Some questions to new SHR images (ubifs, gps)

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Mon Jul 26 11:13:09 CEST 2010

On 23. juli 2010 21:43, David Garabana wrote:
> O Venres, 23 de Xullo de 2010 21:25:50 Sylvain Paré escribiu:
>> I take this thread about GPS to give my feed back too.
>> > From my personal feedback I will not speak about half a year but since
>>> March
>> or so
>> And I do make it works but it takes more time the first time after a fresh
>> flashed image PLUS
>> the gps is less sensitive like the signal was weak ( It fixes less
>> satellites)
> Also, with latest images, I cannot get a fix after a suspend.

Do you suspend with the gps active, (i.e. tangogps running)
or do you have this problem after any suspend?

I use my FR as a phone, so it is suspended most of the time.
But the gps always work fine when I use it. I never suspend with
the gps in use though. If I do that accidentally, I close every
gps-using app, and then restart them. And the gps works after a little 

I use shr unstable. I upgrade now and then, but haven't flashed
for a long time now.

> I have to restart to get a fix again.
> I cannot even see "time" on "shr-settings-position"
> It's so sad, because gps was the only rock solid funtionality on my Neo since
> OM2008 series.

Well, try closing shr-settings, tangogps, navit, and whatever you may 
have that uses the gps. The freerunner should then power down the
unused gps to save power. When you start some gps app after that,
the gps will be properly initialized and ought to work.

If this helps you, then consider preventing suspend while the gps is in 
use. This workaround works for me. I often use the gps for making track 
logs anyway, so I need to have the cpu running.

Instead of launching "tangogps", launch "fsoraw -r CPU tangogps"
That way, the phone won't suspend until tangogps quits.

I have changed a line in /usr/share/applications/tangogps.desktop
so it reads:
Exec=fsoraw -r CPU tangogps
That way, I don't need to do anything. Just click the icon, and tangogps 
starts up with suspend turned off.

Helge Hafting

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