Some questions to new SHR images (ubifs, gps)

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Tue Jul 27 15:29:32 CEST 2010

On 26. juli 2010 20:43, David Garabana wrote:
> O Luns, 26 de Xullo de 2010 11:13:09 Helge Hafting escribiu:
>> On 23. juli 2010 21:43, David Garabana wrote:
>>> O Venres, 23 de Xullo de 2010 21:25:50 Sylvain Paré escribiu:
>>>> I take this thread about GPS to give my feed back too.
>>>>>  From my personal feedback I will not speak about half a year but since
>>>>> March
>>>> or so
>>>> And I do make it works but it takes more time the first time after a
>>>> fresh flashed image PLUS
>>>> the gps is less sensitive like the signal was weak ( It fixes less
>>>> satellites)
>>> Also, with latest images, I cannot get a fix after a suspend.
>> Do you suspend with the gps active, (i.e. tangogps running)
>> or do you have this problem after any suspend?
> It's after *any* suspend.
> Even after a clean boot, if I suspend before doing anything else, GPS doesn't
> work.


>> I use shr unstable. I upgrade now and then, but haven't flashed
>> for a long time now.
> That's the only difference I see between your installation and mine.
> I flashed a new image on NAND when SHR jumped to 2.6.32. It was then when GPS
> started to fail.

I upgraded, against the advice given, because I did not want to re-do my 
customizations. (Reinstall software, set up tangogps and kayboard 
layouts,...)  I figured I could always reflash _if_ the upgrade failed.

You can get the same kind of setup by flashing an old image, and then
upgrade shr. No guarantee that it'll help though.

Helge Hafting

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