No more FreeRunners in the USA? (was: community Digest, Vol 194, Issue 6)

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at
Sat Jul 31 22:34:58 CEST 2010

Nashvin Gangaram <nashving at> writes:
> There is a list of Distributors here:
> There only seem to be 2 in North America (1 out of stock),

... and the other being a `special order'.

Wow. Is that it for GSM-850 FreeRunners, then?
I wonder... what kind of coverage could one expect, in the US,
using one of the GSM-900 ones? I've looked at the maps, of course,
but somehow I have trouble believing that they're showing me
`the truth, the whole truth, and only the truth'....

"Don't be afraid to ask (λf.((λx.xx) (λr.f(rr))))."

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