andy-tracking and gdrm-2.6.32

mobi phil mobi at
Tue May 18 00:24:27 CEST 2010

>> maybe then merging gdrm stuff from gdrm branch from
>> and rest from gdrm-for-merging?
>> or what would be the best to merge to have both stable 2.6.32 and
>> drm/kms?
> It's nothing to do with merging, I just made a new branch, cleaned up
> and more suitable for merging back to the main OM branch, and in the
> process I introduced a bug which I haven't fixed yet.

it has to do a bit with merging... Well... you practically answered my
question with the second part of the answer...

> Not quite sure what you meant by merging bits of the "old" and "new"
> gdrm branches, but that certainly won't magically make the problem go
> away.  The best merge to do if you want everything vaguely stable would
> be to merge gdrm-2.6.32 into om-2.6.32.  The merge may or may not be
> easy.. (that's why gdrm-for-merging exists in the first place).

Maybe wrongly, but I assumed that you introduced that bug to the
kms/drm part, so I thought to try to merge all non kms/drm from
gdrm-for-merging with gdrm-2.6.32, that seemed to have stable kms/drm.
But I better wait for the maestro to do that, no rush...

mobi phil

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