Another so suitable for freeruner?

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at
Mon Nov 8 20:45:26 CET 2010

>I don't know them but imho it looks worth to have a kind of 
>"partnership" between Replicant and openmoko community...
You know GNUtoo, and he knows me.
So you know someone of the project.
Replicant has moved Android-only right?
I'm not so fan of Android, because of it's license strategy...
Have you had a look? There is already SHR, with nice 3D
and good usability growing.
But if you wanna port Android onto the new OpenMoko.
I'm sure GNUtoo will be pleased to do this too, as soon
as he got a new OpenMoko.
ATM we are still experimenting with the PCB.
And soldering wildly around, because the board gives
us some riddles.

best regards
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