Another so suitable for freeruner?

urodelo urodelomutante at
Mon Nov 8 21:58:49 CET 2010

Hi. Thanks for the answer.

So you both are already working on replicant? That's good. I either don't  
like the android license, that's because I've thought that having a "free  
android", as the replicant is intended for, would be nice. I personally  
use qtmoko and shr, but for me more choices we have thebetter is. Of  
course it's a challenge even because gta02 is now getting a bit old (no  
flame!)  compared to other devices, but because of its diffusion, it would  
be a good thing for me to have it available for our fr and for next  
generation gta. free sw in free runner.


On Mon, 08 Nov 2010 20:45:26 +0100, David Lanzendörfer  
<david.lanzendoerfer at> wrote:

>> I don't know them but imho it looks worth to have a kind of
>> "partnership" between Replicant and openmoko community...
> You know GNUtoo, and he knows me.
> So you know someone of the project.
> Replicant has moved Android-only right?
> I'm not so fan of Android, because of it's license strategy...
> Have you had a look? There is already SHR, with nice 3D
> and good usability growing.
> But if you wanna port Android onto the new OpenMoko.
> I'm sure GNUtoo will be pleased to do this too, as soon
> as he got a new OpenMoko.
> ATM we are still experimenting with the PCB.
> And soldering wildly around, because the board gives
> us some riddles.
> best regards
> 	leviathan

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