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Lately, that evil game took many precious hours of my life again, so I decided to refresh an old project of mine to be able to play it on the Freerunner.
3 years ago I wrote a clone of openalchemist in Python + GTK (openalchemist used way too much CPU), but it used keyboard only. This week I cleaned up the code somewhat and made it compatible with a touchscreen.

I couldn't be bothered making the sizes proper (packing widgets properly), but the game itself is playable (but the lack of animations makes it more difficult to understand).

The screen is split into 4 parts touch-wise: upper third rotates the pair, bottom part drops it, left and right parts move it to the side.
Arrows work, F5 is "undo".

A screenshot of a game that will soon be over:

I hope someone likes it!

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