GTA04 : which new life for GTA02 motheboards ?

Thomas HOCEDEZ thomas.hocedez at
Mon Nov 22 17:09:41 CET 2010

On 22/11/2010 15:22, matteo sanvy wrote:
> You could make a little and low-power server wtih it, or a gps antenna 
> for the netbook/notebook, or, also, you could make a combo with 
> arduino using her antennas and accelerometers for some projects...

I thought GTA04 use the old GPS... isn"t it ?

The idea of the server is nice, (mine is a netbook motherboard nailed on 
the wall!), but i have to add a ethernet dongle...Ho , I can make a 
fully wireless server (no network wire, no power wire !) ;-)

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