GTA04 : which new life for GTA02 motheboards ?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Mon Nov 22 18:27:21 CET 2010

Am 22.11.2010 um 17:09 schrieb Thomas HOCEDEZ:

> On 22/11/2010 15:22, matteo sanvy wrote:
>> You could make a little and low-power server wtih it, or a gps antenna 
>> for the netbook/notebook, or, also, you could make a combo with 
>> arduino using her antennas and accelerometers for some projects...
> I thought GTA04 use the old GPS... isn"t it ?

It resuses the GPS antenna module. But you can still connect an
external GPS antenna (@ca. 5 EUR - must have MMCX cable and 3V/15mA).

The bare board has:
* CPU, RAM, Flash, SD card
* WLAN, Bluetooth
* headset jack
* accelerometer

Most likely you will reuse the display...

GSM/GPRS should simply stay disabled since you don't have an antenna
connection. But you could even add some through the antenna

The GTA02 "module" runs without battery if powered through USB.
Running it with a battery is a little complex since the batters spring
contacts push away the battery which is only hold by the plastic parts.

> The idea of the server is nice, (mine is a netbook motherboard nailed on 
> the wall!), but i have to add a ethernet dongle...Ho , I can make a 
> fully wireless server (no network wire, no power wire !) ;-)

Some more that come immeditately to my mind:
* GSM network monitor
* WLAN based server (harddisk on Y-cable on USB port)
* GPS tracker that can be read through WLAN
* wireless bluetooth headset adapter
* WLAN/VOIP headset adapter
* shaking gesture based wireless keyboard/mouse

Hope this helps to find even more ideas!

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