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Sylvain Paré sylvain.pare at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 23:41:57 CET 2010


> So now that you had time to play with it, I'd like to know if it cas easily
> replace an N900 ?

Firstly I don't own an N900.

 In particular:
> - is there a merged addressbook (with phone + gtalk + facebook + skype +
> etc.) ?

yep  webos merge all account setted for :
Contacts (tried with gmail adresse)
Calendar (tried with gmail adresse)
Todo list (if there are other providers for this knid of service...? don't
Note      (     "    )
Phone (? did not tried)
Messaging (it merges sms/mms/gtalk and other IM)

 - what's the IM/phone backend ?

don't know. or don't understand the question so here is a list of proposed
type of account to set:
mail account
microsoft exchange
search for other (app catalog)

>  - how many good Free apps are there in the app store ?

not that much.. It is not open source mentality here. it is busness as
android and appstore. so if you do like me (ie restricting to free/floss)
there is not lot of apps.
I will see how to build existing floss app for it.

 - and .. is there a shell (i.e. how open is it) ?

You can enable a dev mod that permit to novacom( a bit like an ssh
connection but by usb and without encryption and network interface) which
you can use to
install openssh or dropbears and then enable usbnet mode (like with the
and install preware( a communotary app catalog ) in which you can find( and
install ) terminal emulators( don't know if it is the good term) but
those I have tried did not work here with the pre 2 . I think they need to
be updated.

> Thanks,
my pleasure.


Sylvain (aka GarthPS)
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