qtmoko v28

David Garabana Barro david at garabana.com
Tue Nov 23 20:02:57 CET 2010

O Venres, 19 de Novembro de 2010, Gennady Kupava escribiu:
> В Птн, 19/11/2010 в 17:12 +0100, David Garabana Barro пишет:
> > Is it possible to boot this version from uSD with u-boot?
> > 
> > I can boot it with qi, but no matter what I try, couln'd boot from uSD
> > v28 with uboot
> Hi, David,
> Known (by me at least) bug - something wrong with u-boot, glamo242 and
> booting from SD. Here, it refuse to boot ~1/2 of times. I am aware of
> this and even did 1 attempt to fix it. Hope i'll squash it sooner or
> later. Please, try non-242 u-boot to test if this issue related to your
> problem. Overwise, i can boot from sd (debian) with u-boot without
> problems. Nothing special in qtmoko. Provide details - any errors, logs,
> place it stops booting.

Hi, Gennady

I've tried to boot with non 242 uboot, and had no sucess.

Is seems kernel is not recognising me uSD partition table, that's why it 
doesn't boot.
My old friend "my card doesn't work with kernel > 2.6.32" :P

Thanks for the answer, anyway.

P.S. If you have curiority about last kernel output, I've put it on

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