[QtMoko] Using dutch as input language for predictive keyboard

Tomas Nackaerts tomas.nackaerts at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 21:21:01 CET 2010


> Could you please post (or put on the Wiki?) where you found the word
> list, and how you taught SHR to use it? I'd like to use the predicitve
> keyboard (in Dutch), as well...

actually, it is over a year or so when i last used shr, so i cant remember all 
the steps i did to use this dutch list with the predictive keyboard. I do 
remember that it was worth the trouble to find out, it really really works much 
better with this list.

what i do remember:
* I downloaded a frequency list from http://www.inl.nl/
( i think i used this link: 
http://www.inl.nl/nl/component/content/416?task=view )
you have to register yourself before you can download
* I searched in my shr installation for the English word list used by the 
predictive keyboard (sorry i really cannot remeber the location)
* i took a look at this file to see how it was structured
* i took a editor to give my file the same structure as the english file
* i saved my file at the correct location on my shr-installation
(i'm  not sure, but it may be necessary to edit a configuration file)
* i was amazed with the result

i'm sure somebody else on this list can give you a hint where to store this 

kind regards,


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