Interesting new 'Open' Hardware & how do I build shr for it?

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Mon Nov 29 10:24:57 CET 2010

  I was looking at - which is a project at getting Android
working on all TI OMAP series boards and I saw a link to
Apparently, Embest (who also make the DevKit 8000 - a beagle board like
board) have made a 7" MID with GPS, camera, mini PCIe (they have a WCDMA
module), WiFi and bluetooth running on OMAP 3530.
  I ordered a device and I find that :-

1.  It's built quite well
2.  It's responsive and fast (running android 2.1 as of now)
3.  The hardware schematics are available online
4.  The source code for kernel 2.6.29, x-loader and u-boot are also
available online
5.  It has a lot of space between the board and the casing - I'm thinking
mods like the Freerunner Navigation board
6.  The company seems responsive enough

  I'm now looking at getting a custom kernel (something newer) running on
it. Also, I was aondering how do I get SHR ported onto such a device? I have
the entire openembedded based SHR build system (something I've been using to
build stuff for the FreeRunner) with me - but I'm not sure how to go about
changing the target system.

  So here are my questions :-
1.  How do I port SHR to this device (or any other for that matter)
2.  Would any other distribution in the community be interested?
3.  How do I get guys etc interested?
4.  Is this sort of interest taboo here ;-)

  I've read enough threads about the next device - but I haven't seen
anything remotely open and available at a decent price till now. Maybe I
need enlightening - but this device seems interesting enough. And it does
give me a new system to build on.
  I would love to see an SHR  / Qt based system for something like this.
Andriod is getting better, but frankly, I'd prefer linux based distro any
day over it.

  So, what do you think?

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