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Patrick Beck pbeck at
Sat Oct 2 16:01:45 CEST 2010


i own a Wikireader since a month now and i am happy with the base
functionality, but i have a few ideas and improvements and i am looking
for other users they owns a wikireader (and develeops for it).

Openmoko has not stopped the development of the Wikireader, but i think
it can be useful to have a nice community around the project. Till now i
have only found the following ressources:

and see not a list or any other communication - i think the community
list is not so wrong :)


- - There is a small block on
the right with information (population, language, capital, etc.) I think
that a very useful imformation - how can we add them to the Wikireader?

- Table of Contents would be helpful to get a overview about the content
of the whole article

- searching in a article could be very usefull

- The scrolling it a bit poor, because you can't read anything on the
screen when you scroll - on the community list was a small patch

That patch works no more, but from the descriptions i find it very
useful. A new version from maleadt was published in September:

It's unstable and not as inuitive as the first path but it is a start
for a nice usability on the wikireader.


- A other problem is that tables and other special layouts are not
interpreted from the parser. See for example:

On the Wikireader you get only a list from 0-9 and A-Z without any
license plates.

So how can we fix the problems and get new features in? I am only a
python programmer but i hope i can help. This Thread should be a
starting point to discuss new features and collect bugs - i think that
should help Openmoko, too.

with kind regards


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