qtmoko v27

Ole Carlsen ole at carlsen-web.dk
Sun Oct 3 14:46:56 CEST 2010

Den 03-10-2010 14:08, Gand' skrev:
> Since i moved to the v27, my touchscreen is kind of weird ... I can't
> draw a straight line, and when i keep the stylus on the screen, it draws
> a tiny star (more or less 9mm²) It makes the docked keyboard pretty
> unusable as when press a key, one of the surrounding key often responds ...
> --
>    Gand'

That was also one of the things that Radek mentioned when releasing it:

I have been testing 2.6.34 kernel for one week now and to me it looks ok.
There can be issues with SD card [6], the touchscreen driver is missing
filtering so it's a bit jittery and i think accelerometers are somehow 
strange now.

As a work-around, for the keyboard, I have rotated my screen 90 degrees 
and now I don't hit the wrong key very often anymore. I would though 
prefer the possibility to personally decide the size of my keyboard.

Ole @ Carlsen-web.dk

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