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On 04/10/2010 05:20, Chuck Norris wrote:
> 03.10.2010 21:05, Joshua Judson Rosen пишет:
>> Alfa21<freerunner at>  writes:
>>> 2010-09-29 at 00:16 Chuck Norris
>>>> I've asked them about missing this feature.
>>>> Here are answer:
>>>> We do not have a 3G or GSM option because we do not want to force a
>>>> subscription on customers.  Instead we want to focus on using wifi and
>>>> free Skype calls.
>>> "force subscription"?!
>>> LOL... maybe they do not know what actually the word "option" means?
>>> fool or fail? ;)
>> Well, `not wanting to force subscriptions' is actually the right answer
>> if it would have been an `either/or' choice.
>> More probably, it's because it's just not viable to include it in a
>> device that size at that price-range--there have been in-depths
>> discussions about this as it pertained to the FreeRunner, previously;
>> they're probably still applicable.
>> As far as the full-sized tablet goes, you could look into getting a
>> UMTS/HSDPA/whatever USB stick to connect to one of those internal USB ports.
>> I've seen ones that may be small enough for as low as $50 US, though
>> it's not obvious how well they'd work from inside the tablet.
> last answer from Always Innovating to me was:
> Thank you for your feedback.  We are aware that many customers wish to 
> have a GSM option available, and we do our best to satisfy as many 
> customers as possible.  Unfortunately, we currently do not have any 
> plans to release a version of the Mini Book with GSM capabilities.  If 
> that possibility opens up to us in the future, we will be sure to make 
> note of it on our website.
Argh, So sad....

Though, I'd like to know if the minibook is also Opensource hardware, so 
we can investigate on the way to insert a canibalized usb stick...

Asthro, Always inventive
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